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Rent a Swift Trawler 35 in Minorca

Swift Trawler 35 (2018)

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Rent a Menorquin 160 in Minorca

Menorquin 160 (2008)

6 pax / 3 cabins


Rent a Menorquin 160 in Minorca

Menorquin 160 (2009)

6 pax / 3 cabins


Rent a Bsc 62 in Minorca

Bsc 62 (2017)


0 pax / 0 cabins


Rent a Brig Eagle 390 in Minorca

Brig Eagle 390 (2018)


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Rent a Menorquin 160 in Minorca

Menorquin 160 (2000)

6 pax / 3 cabins


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Boat rental areas in Minorca

Brief Minorca Boat Rental Guide

Minorca is one of the Balearic Islands, one of the best beach destinations in the Mediterranean. It is north of Mallorca and its landscape is partly different that the one that can be found on its southern neighbor or in Ibiza. Minorca stands out for its nature, its wild and windy north coast with cliffs and for its idyllic coves south. Its two main cities, Mahon and Ciutadella, as well as some of the villages along the coast and inland have tourist attractions worth visiting. Further, in this island many historical traditions and centennial celebrations remain and you will find a rich cuisine with Mediterranean dishes and typical ingredients. Renting a boat in Minorca you will discover the coast of one of the best preserved islands in the Mediterranean, with beautiful nature and hundreds of coves where you can anchor.


What to do in Minorca?

Minorca is an island much less crowded than its neighbors Mallorca or Ibiza, and it preserves especially traditions and nature. This is why some of the best things to do in Minorca are on land. You can visit the prehistoric archaeological remains or walk around the main towns and cities and observe the buildings of the British occupation. Another option is walking a part of the Cami de Cavalls, a route that goes over the coast and where the formerly locals defended themselves from piracy. Finally, if you visit the island in summer you can attend Jaleos, part of the festivities in which people make the horses jump.

The island also offers endless possibilities in the sea that you can enjoy with boat rentals in Minorca. The winds are ideal for water sports such as windsurfing or kite surfing. It is also a good place for snorkeling or diving when the waters are calm, because they are so transparent that allow the perfect observation of the species. In addition, the cliffs surrounding the island have caves that can be explored only from the sea. The sunsets on Minorca are beautiful and it is worth to take the time to observe this natural spectacle. On land you can see it from unique places like the Cova d'en Xoroi in Cala en Porter, but at sea you can see it from your boat anywhere. And finally, you can also enjoy all the beaches and coves that Minorca offers, both north and south.


Minorca Beaches

The number of beaches in Minorca is surprisingly high despite the few hundred kilometers of its coast. This is in part due to the topography of the island, with much of its perimeter formed by cliffs. Thus, many small coves between rocks are created. Generally the northern beaches are quite wild, between high cliffs, and the wind blows hard some days. By contrast, the southern beaches are usually small coves, surrounded by greenery and with much calmer waters. Typical images of Minorca beaches, turquoise waters and white small sandy areas, usually correspond to the southern beaches. However, the north ones are also spectacular and you can enjoy nature at its best. Here we list some of the island beaches if you have opted for boat rentals in Minorca and you want to reach them.

- Cala Macarelleta

This small cove south of the island was the filming scenery of a popular beer commercial in Spain. Cala Macarelleta is the younger sister of Macarella. It is a small cove with transparent and calm waters, and is fully suitable to anchor your rental boat in Minorca. Around Macarelleta area there are several of the best beaches in Minorca, as Trebalúger, Cala Mitjana, Cala Galdana, Cala Turqueta and Es Talaier.

- Cala Escorxada

Cala Escorxada is one of the pristine beaches of Minorca. It is in the south and land access is very complicated, so it is ideal to get to it by sea. It has the perfect conditions for anchoring and also you can snorkel to discover the underwater fauna and flora of the island.

- Cala Pilar

Cala Pilar is a hidden cove north of the island of difficult access by land but you can enjoy it with boat rentals in Minorca. The rocks and sand that surround it have a reddish shade that gives a unique and original aspect.

- Platja d’en Tortuga

This is one of the best beaches in the north of the island. It is very close to Mahon and is uncrowded due to the hard access. Transparent and shallow waters are a reward for swimmers. Despite its beauty, it is only advisable to approach by boat on good weather days. Otherwise, it could be dangerous for the shallow water near the beach and the rocks and cliffs.


What to eat in Minorca?

In Minorca gastronomy corresponds to the Mediterranean diet, but with several special features of the island and with typical and unique dishes. Furthermore, the influences of the various cultures that have occupied the island, mainly Arab, French and British are noticed. One of the star ingredients in the Minorcan cuisine is fish, fresh and easy to get from the sea. Also dishes made with meat from the island's cattle and vegetables grown there are important.

No doubt the dish par excellence of Minorca is the lobster stew named Caldereta, a popular dish for the ease of finding lobsters near the coast by the fishermen formerly. Another typical food is the sobrasada, common also in Mallorca, although Minorcan one is a little softer. And on the island also the Mahon cheese, with Denomination of Origin, is important and easily recognizable by the orange color and the round shape.


Weather and Navigation in Minorca


- Boating season

The boating season in Minorca covers the months of May, June, July, August and September, as in the Mediterranean. These months have the best weather conditions but are also the peak months, with more visitors. So if you opt for boat rentals in Minorca, it is advisable to book several months in advance to make sure you have the boat you like in your favorite port.

- Temperature

The temperature in Minorca is very pleasant throughout the year and values ​​resemble the rest of the Mediterranean. In the coldest months of the year temperatures are between 8 and 15 degrees Celsius. However, in the boating season they are over 20ºC, approaching 30°C in July and August.

- Rainfall

In the summer months it hardly rains in Minorca. Autumn is the rainiest season, but spring and summer assure to enjoy the sun virtually without interruptions by rainfall.

- Sea Temperature

In the boating season, the sea temperature is ideal for sailing and swimming in the sea. Between June and November water temperature exceeds 20°C, and in the summer it reaches 25°C or 26°C.

- Wind

In general, the north coast of Minorca is much windier than the southern coast and especially in winter the North suffers from strong winds. The prevailing wind is the Tramontana in the north. Throughout the year there are usually 5 to 15 knots winds which greatly facilitate sailing. In July and August there may be days without wind, especially in the south.


How to get in Minorca


- By Plane

Mahon Airport (MAH) is the main gateway to the island of Minorca. Throughout the year there are regular flights to several cities in Spain and some European countries, like United Kingdom and Slovakia. However, in summer the supply of flights, both seasonal and charter, significantly increases. In peak season it is possible to get in Minorca from Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Portugal.

- By Boat

Another option, although not so popular, is arrive to Minorca by boat. The main port is Mahon. There arrive ferries from Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Majorca. You can also arrive to the port of Ciutadella from Barcelona and Majorca. On the other hand, boat rentals in Minorca allow you to get a boat to the neighboring island of Majorca, about 30 miles away.