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Rent a boat and cruise the waves of the Hellenic soul

Whether you like to spend your holidays renting a boat, enjoying the beach, discovering archaeological sites or partying in clubs, travelling to Greece will not disappoint you because this country has lots to offer — more than you can even imagine! The birthplace of the Western culture still preserves untouched the grandeur of its glorious past in every island you will stumble upon onboard your catamaran, sailboat or motoroboat for charter. From ancient ruins and legendary mountains to evocative beaches, and cheerful squares, the attractions you will find while renting a boat and sailing in Greece are potentially endless.

Besides, the warm hospitality and the exquisite smell of the Hellenic cuisine that comes out of the traditional tavernas make these beautiful surroundings even more appealing. It's not surprising that millions of people choose this Mediterranean Eden to do some turism during their boat charter holidays. But among all its beauty, what are the most fascinating things to see and do in Greece? If you want to rent a boat in Greece for a week and you want to know the answer, check our sailing guide to discover in detail what this stunning land has to offer!

Greece Sailing boat charter Guide

During your own private boat charter in Greece​, you'll realise that the number of islands is astonishing: there is a total of 6,000 islands and islets, being 277 of them inhabited. Washed by the Ionian and the Aegean Sea, the beauty of this country expresses itself to the highest degree in its beaches. Sail with or withouth a skipper and indulge your desire for a dip in the crystal clear sea of the Cyclades, Ionian Islands, Sporades, Dodecanese or the Saronic Gulf! Whatever sailing spots you decide to explore  with a charter boat during your vacation, do not don't overlook the charm of the mainland Greek coastlines.

So, before planning your itinerary you should carefully choose your boat rental location. We warn you that it won't be easy, as it isn’t simple for us to to make a concise list of beaches and things to see in Greece. For this reason, we want to offer you a concise list of the most important islands and the most relevant places in the continental area to visit on your boat rental in Greece.

What to see in Greece when you are on your rental boat

As we said before, if you wish to sail in Greece, you should first pick the area in which you want to sail. However, be sure that whatever island or archipelago you want to visit, you will be spoilt for choice.

Athens, Cyclades, and Saronic Gulf

From the cradle of the European civilization and hometown of the most influential scholars, that is, Athens, you can sail the well-liked Cyclades and appreciate the typical whitewashed and blue domes in the volcanic island of Santorini and Mykonos. From the capital, you can also head off to the Saronic Gulf and sail around the lesser-known islands of Aegina, Salamis, Agistri, and Poros, as well as the smaller islands of Dokos, Spetses and Hydra.

The Dodecanese

The islands of the Dodecanese inhabit the southeastern part of the Aegean sea. The dominant and more cosmopolitan one is Rhodes, followed by Kos and Patmos. The other not so famous islands portray more traditional but equally scenic landscapes for a beautiful sailing holiday. Nevertheless, in every nook and corner, you will find Byzantine and medieval monuments and a brilliant sea to enjoy its sandy or pebbly beaches. Do you know which is the best way to visit them? By doing island hopping!

The Sporades

Another group of islands lays in front of the east coast of Greece, the Sporades. Their name literally means "scattered", and if you see them on a map, they look like little fragments detached from the coast of Thessaly and spread right in the middle of the Aegean sea. The whole archipelago is made up of 24 islands and only four are inhabited. Still unspoiled compared to other islands, they preserve the pristine nature of their lush green vegetation and idyllic beaches.

The Ionian Islands

On the other side of Greece, between the Peloponnese and Italy, the Ionian Islands stand in the middle of the crystal clear the Ionian Sea. A charter sailing itinerary through the Ionian islands can't miss the marvellous islands of Corfu and Lefkada. Nature there is superb, to say the least. White beaches surrounded by cliffs, the typical green vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub and olive trees give to this island an ancestral aura that will leave you speechless.

The best beaches in Greece to visit during your boat charter

Sarakiniko Beach (Milos)

If Sarakiniko beach is in your sailing route, forget to spend a typical day on an ordinary beach. It will be impossible not to be amazed by its white rocks that recall a lunar landscape in contrast with the intense turquoise of the water.

Porto Katsiki (Lefkas)

On the southwestern side of the island, there is the most famous beach in Lefkada. The abrupt white cliff facing the blue sea and the green vegetation creates one of the most breathtaking and beautiful vista of the whole Mediterranean. Marvel at the view from the deck of your boat rental!

Red Beach (Santorini)

This uncanny beach is one of the most famous shores (together with the ones with black sand) due to its volcanic soil. It gets its name from the bright red colour of both the rocks and the sand, and it attracts hundreds of curious tourists every year. Unfortunately, it tends to be busy, especially during the peak season. Benefit from the freedom that comes with the privacy of a chartered boat and embark when it is best!

Navagio Beach (Kefalonia)

This is the most famous beach in Zakynthos and one of the most photographed coastlines in the world. Besides the dramatic panorama of this soft white sand bay enclosed between two white cliffs, you can also enjoy the unique experience of seeing the ruins of a freightliner wrecked in 1980.

Apella Beach (Karpathos)

On the northern side of the island, Apella beach stands out for being one of the best shores of the Aegean sea. Thoroughly protected from the wind, the secluded cove is perfect for families with kids and the ideal place to practice water sports such as diving or snorkeling during your boat rental holidays.

Staphylos Beach (Skopelos)

Very close to the capital of the island, in Skopelos town, this amazing bay offers the cleanest waters to cruise in. The surroundings are covered with a dense pine forest that hides large rocks and small paths that guide to the beach. The bay is organized with loungers, umbrellas, a beach bar and lifeguards are also available.

Canal d'Amour (Corfu)

This beach is a must when visiting Corfu, so you can't leave it out of your holiday itinerary. It is located near the village of Sidari and consists of a bay embraced by rocks of clay. The corrosive action of the wind and the crashing of the sea on the fragile rocks allowed the creation of this channel and various bays which are the most visited spots in Corfu.

What to eat in Greece

A charter boat holiday in Greece can't overlook its excellent cuisine. Meat, cheese, olive oil, and vegetables are the real protagonists of their diet. Surely delicious Greek dishes will delight every palate, as well as will tell us more about the culture. Hence, visiting Greece without trying some of its recipes would be as missing out essential aspects of its roots, history, and multicultural heritage. In fact, it has been strongly influenced by the Ottoman Empire and Italy. By way of example, think about its coffee, similar to the Turkish one, or the different kinds of pasta they use in their daily diet. You will need more than a week by boat to discover all its flavors!

Greek cuisine symbolises all the distinctive traits of the Mediterranean diet. The best example is the traditional Greek salad that mixes the great classics of a typical Greek tableful: tomatoes, onions, peppers, olives, cucumber, feta cheese and oregano, all of them seasoned with salt and dressed with olive oil. As an appetizer, we recommend the Dolmadakia, which consists of rice wrapped in a grape leaf. 

The most popular dish is the Moussaka, a layered casserole with potatoes, aubergines, mince and a creamy bechamel on top. The Gyros, widely known too, is a pita sandwich stuffed with meat (beef, lamb, chicken or pork), fried potatoes, some vegetables, onion, and tzatziki on top. The traditional Greek meatballs, called Keftedes, are also usually served with fried potatoes and baked in a spicy tomato sauce.

But make sure to save room for some tempting desserts like the Baklava, a pastry made of filo dough with honey and nuts; the Kataifi that takes its name from their special namesake pastry also with honey, nuts and a sticky syrup; or the Loukoumades, which are balls of fried dough dipped syrup or honey with cinnamon. These are some of the most popular Greek dishes, but go further in this “taste fest” and have at least a sample of everything this cuisine offers (along with a glass of ouzo)! Before returning home you will already be thinking about sailing around the Greek islands again!

Climate and Sailing Conditions in Greece

Like in the whole Mediterranean, the sailing season in Greece goes from April to October. The midsummer period from June to mid-September is ideal for a beach holiday. Summer is hot, dry, sunny, with clear blue skies, and without rainfalls. In fact, temperatures can easily exceed 30ºC (86ºF).

In the hottest months (June, July, and August) the heat can be particularly intense, especially in the inland and in the cities, whereas on the coasts and the islands the heat is tempered by the marine breeze. The average sea temperature is 27ºC (80ºF) in summer and 16ºC (61°C) during the low season. In spring and autumn, the temperature is mild and pleasant, and by October rain season starts and days shorten. Before planning your boating itinerary, be sure to check what climate you want to find when you moor in this Hellenic country! 

Greece has two dominant winds, the Scirocco and the Meltemi.

  • The Scirocco is a muggy southeastern wind. It is common in winter but occasionally blows in April and October. The Scirocco originates in the Sahara desert and blows towards the North sometimes bringing sand from Africa.
  • The Meltemi is a strong, dry wind that blows from the North of the Aegean sea. It begins in May, but it becomes more frequent during the warmest months (July and August) and it slows down in September. It can reach 15-40 knots for up to 5 days.
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