Are you ready to set sail?

Join us for an authentic sailing experience

Are you ready to set sail?

Join us for an authentic sailing experience

Join us for an authentic sailing experience

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“The Caribbean” has always been synonymous of palm trees, beaches of fine ivory-coloured sand, rich marine life, and crystal clear waters. Who doesn’t want to go sooner or later? The dream destination for honeymooners and the perfect getaway from the daily routine, it offers glossy magazine beaches, unspoiled nature and resorts where you can be pampered. Nonetheless, reducing its beauty uniquely to its beaches would mean overlooking the great variety of remarkable features that it offers.

But, let’s get straight to the point: what are the best attractions in this little corner of paradise? Certainly, the beaches are the main ones, however, in this guide, you will also find out less popular but equally wonderful sightseeings. Furthermore, it may seem that all the islands are more or less similar, but the fact is that there are significant differences between them. So, If you want to organize sailing holidays in the Caribbean, here are our suggestions to help you choose, among the many destinations available, those that really suit you.

Caribbean Sailing Guide

There are those who prefer peace and relaxation and those who are inclined to exciting trips, full of adventure, in search of new places and new cultures to explore. There are numerous destinations that offer suitable conditions for both travellers’ categories and the Caribbean is one of them.

The term "Caribbean" refers to all the countries and islands gathered in the Caribbean Sea, even if they belong to different nations.The Caribbean region stretches from Florida to South America and is divided into three macro areas: the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles and the Bahamas islands, comprising nearly 1,300 islands and 34 different states within them. Yes, you read that right! Thus can you imagine how many places and islands you can visit during your yacht charter in the Caribbean? Take your fins and mask and go to discover what out there both on and under the surface of this extraordinary archipelago!

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