Are you ready to set sail?

Join us for an authentic sailing experience

Are you ready to set sail?

Join us for an authentic sailing experience

Join us for an authentic sailing experience

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A colourful paradise in the Caribbean

When we think of the Caribbean Sea, one of the first countries that come to our minds is vibrant Cuba. This country is actually an archipelago that comprises different islands, being Cuba the principal, and the largest one. Other minor lands are Isla de la Juventud, the Colorados Archipelago, among many others —to be precise, there is a total of 4195 islands and islets! Striking, isn’t it? With so much a range of options, there is no wonder why Cuba has always been one top holiday destination! Are you ready to learn more about this country? Let's put pen to paper!

One of the main reasons why Cuba is so popular a country is because of its outstanding personality. In fact, this destination bubbles over with charisma and every nook is chock-full of scenic and wild beauty. But wait, it doesn’t stop there! As you will realize as soon as you anchor off the island, its people and culture are so charming and welcoming that you will want to stay there forever!

Cuba Sailing Guide

In fact, tourism is such an important activity in Cuba that it receives great support from the government and invests in its nautical centers. With more than twenty nautical infrastructures and marinas, the country gets sailors and travelers from all around the world and offers only the best services. This makes this destination ideal for any sailor —experienced or not—, and for any kind of sailing holiday you may want to plan!

Do you feel like relaxing on a secluded soft white sandy bay? Do you want to practice water sports and discover the tropical flora and fauna? Or do you prefer a salsa dancing class after a waterfront promenade? Well, once you stop by the Cuban cities —which, by the way, are protected by UNESCO World Heritage —, you will have time to do all of this! Keep reading our brief list of must-see places and must-do activities to see what is waiting for you in this azure waters!

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