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Are you ready to set sail?

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Join us for an authentic sailing experience

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The island of the blessed

If we ask to describe Greece off the top of your head, what would you answer? Sea, beaches, nightlife, Mediterranean scrub, good food, history, culture and archaeology, isn’t it? Well, the island of Kos offers everything that is normally expected from Greece. The second biggest island of the Dodecannese (after Rhodes) is also the fourth most visited all over the country.

In ancient times, because of its beauty, it was called the "Island of the Blessed" and it was supposed to be the home of gods and heroes. Today, its good reputation is also due to forward-looking policies to promote environmental safeguarding through measures apt to encourage sustainable tourism, the use of bicycles and public transport, as the protection of flora and fauna and the preservation of the local agriculture.

Do you want to learn more? Below you’ll find a detailed guide with the most important attractions not to miss if you want to rent a boat in Kos. Enjoy the reading!

Kos Sailing Guide

The island of Kos emerges from the southeastern corner of the Aegean Sea, just in front of the Turkish coastline. It has been the crossroads of different cultures and civilizations and always a place with mysterious charm, where the beauty of Greece merged with an oriental vein (the Turkish city of Bodrum is only 4 kilometres away!).

Here, according to legend, under a plane tree located in the central part of the island, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, pronounced the famous "Hippocratic Oath" to his students. The rich history of the island is visible everywhere thanks to monuments and evidence scattered all around the island, and you will be amazed to see how the human legacy combines with the stunning natural beauty of this extraordinary island.

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